New Myrnam School Receives Emerald Award

by Sydney Chanasyk

On June 7th, three students, along with our principal Mrs. Eriksen and vice principal Mr. Tymofichuk, attended the announcement of the Emerald Award winners at the Citadel Theater in Edmonton. The Emerald Awards are a variety of awards given out by the Emerald Foundation throughout Alberta. The Alberta Emerald Foundation provides groups with funding for environmental projects throughout 15 different categories. Their goal is to share the good that people are doing in Alberta, and showcase it for people to see. They recognize groups who are working with their community, promoting environmental leadership, and engaging the next generation in environmental projects. We have been fortunate enough to receive funding from the Emerald Foundation previously on our net zero project. After receiving a shortlisting announcement in May, we figured out that we were one of three finalists in our category, and were invited to the official announcement. Staff decided that each of our junior high leads would be best fit for this, and so the work began. The students, Cassie O’Reilly, Edward Balash-Dack, and Harper Matthews began working on an acceptance speech for the ceremony. They spent the upcoming weeks writing, rehearsing, and adjusting their script to be perfect. When they arrived at the awards, they still didn’t know if they had won, but they were still full of excitement to be there. Eventually the award winner was announced. The students almost bounced out of their seats when they heard our school called. They performed their well rehearsed speech for everyone to hear. After the ceremony was over, they got to talk with all the other winners and contestants who were there. They were able to answer and ask so many questions and had an amazing time talking to people from all over Alberta. It was such an incredible experience for the students, and is something that not many people get to experience. Everyone is so proud of everything our school has done throughout the years, and we are so grateful for all of the support we have received. Without things like this, our school would not be where it is today.

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