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Leading up to this issue, I was excited. It is amazing to have the community write in and let us know how we are doing and whether we are a paper worth reading intently, or just another bunch of pages put together. I have always valued criticism. As a child, my favorite time of the year was final exams. While many of my friends and fellow students dreaded it, I embraced it. To me it is the only way to determine whether the lessons had been imparted to you or if you were just present in class. Becoming an adult, your tests are slightly different. Your validation comes from your peers and your superiors. When you are a small business owner and publisher, the measure of your work is determined by your readers. I remember when I first moved to Two Hills. I had just graduated and returned to Canada after a few months off to visit family in South Africa. Having no idea what to do or no real direction at that moment I decided to get a job to earn work experience while I figured out the career path I would choose. My dad, Sonny, who has always been supportive despite my previous lack of direction, let me know that Jim Nahirnak, the owner of the Two Hills IGA at the time, was hiring and they happened to be good friends. To me now and then - any job is good. When you’re building a jigsaw puzzle, without one single piece it cannot be complete, regardless of where it fit. Little did I know the lasting impact the years at the Two Hills IGA under the supervision of Jim and his talented and hard working staff. I remember the first thing I was taught - there were two rules: 1) The customer is ALWAYS right 2) If the customer happens to be wrong, please see rule one. I have to admit I chuckled a little when I first read it, but the longer I worked there I began to realize that the phrase was more than just a slogan - it was the way. Likewise, throughout my varying career, I have tried to maintain that mindset. As Jim used to phrase it - “I’m just the one who signs your cheques - the customers out there are your bosses” In that vain, I consider our readers my bosses, and encourage you to write in about what you would like us to cover, news that is important or errors we may have made. I implore each and every one regardless of age, gender, political affiliation, religion, race or any other dividing factor to get in touch with us. Share your thoughts with us. We strive to constantly improve and take part in a community that we have all grown to be a part of and love deeply. I would also like to thank Mr Jim Nahirnak for being a positive role model in the community and teaching me life lessons that still to this day have made a lasting impression.

Two Hills Regional Chronicle

Two Hills Regional Chronicle published its first issue in December 2020. It serves the communities of Two Hills and County and surrounding areas.

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