R.C.M.P. Update from Sgt. David Henry

Good Day and hello from the new Two Hills and District Detachment Commander. My name is Sgt David Henry and I transferred here from Elk Point this summer.

My predecessor, Sgt Daisley, has moved on and I just want to thank him for all the work and effort he did while here that paved the way for myself. I want to bring up various topics and issues that are relevant and targeted. I would also like to hear from the readers on what topics they would like to hear about. So, when you read this, your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to write into the paper and let me know what you would like to hear or know about. I tend not to shy away from topics or issues. You may not like what you hear but you will get the truth and an honest opinion from me.

At this time I would like to just introduce you to myself and history in the RCMP. I started at age 35 yrs old and am now at 18 years service. You can do the math at my age! I have worked in various places such as St. Albert, Airdrie, St. Paul, Saddle Lake, Elk Point and Two Hills now. I have been on several deployments such as G8 in Toronto, Muskrat Falls protests in Happy Valley/Goose Bay as well as the Fires in Fort Mac and Wabasca. I was a constable from 2005 to 2015 when I promoted to Corporal. In 2018 I became a Sergeant and am very happy to stay at this level until I retire. I am not real good at politics so working with people is more my forte!

I am a current Boat instructor/operator as well as a breath tech(impaired driving). I have been in general duty most of my career with 2 stints as School Resource Officer in St. Albert and Airdrie. I teach multiple courses and speak in schools to students as much as I can. I have also had the honor of speaking at teachers conventions from time to time as well in the St. Paul area. I truly believe in Education before Enforcement but when education doesn’t work…….well, you know how that goes!

I am a big proponent of community involvement. What does that mean? Well it means that police can’t do it on our own so we need the eyes and ears of the community to let us know where the “hot spots” are and help us reduce crime in the community. The more information we can obtain, the less the criminal can roam freely without red and blues behind them. This is the most vital part in policing today.

So, without further agony, this is the end. I so look forward to writing on the various topics and issues in the future. Take care and remember pull over to the right when you see flashing lights(Fire, Ambulance and Police)!!

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